Seasonal Items

The Closet has seasonal items available throughout the year. Winter items are available October through March. Prom and Formal Dresses are available year round. And we also have Halloween costumes and school supplies. To receive seasonal items please book an appointment.

Each fall we host a back to school event. At this event children will receive the following items Backpack, school supplies, socks, underwear, shoes, and back to school clothes. School supplies kits will be available throughout the school year for new placements.

Baby Equipment

We have a wide variety of baby equipment available to assist families who are taking in infants. We have everything from baby bathtubs to strollers.

If you are in need baby equipment please schedule an appointment at The Closet.

Interested in supporting a child's visit to The Closet?

The Closet operates by the support of the community and is run by staff and a team of volunteers. We accept new and like new clothing sizes Preemie to adult 3xl. To see a complete list of items we accept click here. Donations are currently accepted without an appointment during business hours.