Frequently asked questions

Who are we?

The Foster Network (TFN) We started as a small group of foster parents that wanted to help other foster parents. As we have grown, we seek to provide support and essential needs to families and children in foster care.

What is our mission?

Empower and support families and children placed through a licensing agency, giving them the opportunity to thrive.

How is The Foster Network funded?

The Foster Network is an organic grown non profit that does not receive any state or federal funding. The Network uses private donations, business donations and grants for funding.

Is an appointment required?

Appointments are required for families coming in to receive items. Donation appointments are no longer required and can be dropped off during business hours. To receive items please schedule an appointment by clicking here.

Who do we serve?

We serve any child that is placed with another family through a licensing agency. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Children in the foster care system
  • Families working plans with child protective services
  • Children placed through guardianship
  • Children adopted from an adoption agency or through the foster care system
  • Harbor Families.

What services do we provide?

Welcome bags, clothing, baby equipment, furniture such as beds, dressers and pack-n-plays, child-safe events, scholarships for extracurricular activities, cultural activities, and camps, and over-all support to foster parents.

Don't foster parents get paid? Why do they need anything more?

Foster parents do receive a stipend from the Department of Social Services (DSS) to aid in the expenses of having a child in their care. This stipend is currently $20.67 a day for basic foster care. This is to cover everything a child needs from food, clothing, school supplies, shoes, a bed to sleep in and additional living expenses . Most children placed in care come with only the clothes on their back or a small garbage bag of clothes. The stipend doesn't go very far in getting the basics covered.

Do we have to live in Sioux Falls?

No, we serve families located in the state of SD, MN, IA, and NE.

Is paperwork required?

Paperwork showing the child is placed with you is required upon your initial visit to The Closet. Acceptable Paperwork can be but is not limited too Child Placement Agreement, Adoption Placement Agreement, Adoption Decree, Guardianship paperwork issued by an agency or judge, and Tribal Placement Agreement.